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Vintage Electronics & Small Appliance Repair

About Us

We are a small company located in Northeast Georgia that services numerous electrical and electronic appliances from across the USA.

The owner of the company, Paul Paradise has worked in the electrical wiring, electrical assembly, electronics technology, IT and smartcard industries since his initial training in electronics engineering in 1976 at Southeastern Massachusetts University. He also attended Providence School of Electronics and Hillsborough Community College to further his training in electronic circuitry design and advanced troubleshooting in his earlier years.

Paul started learning electronics troubleshooting from his father at the age of six. His father had a TV and Radio repair business. By the time Paul was eight years old, he could troubleshoot TVs and radios and often would find discarded radios and would repair them independently of any assistance. He knew how to use a tube tester, soldering iron, VOM meter and various other types of testing equipment at that young age. He could tell which tubes were bad in most TVs simply by watching what they did and what noises they would make.

Paul's employment experience started with Honeywell Corporation where he was certified in High Reliability Soldering and NASA Certified Soldering! Additionally, he worked at UB Corporation where he worked on rewiring military F16 antenna systems & RAM Turbines for harpoon missiles & supper high frequency testing of antennas for use on Walleye Glide missiles which were the most sophisticated missiles the military had in 1988. At UB Corp, Paul was recertified for both NASA & High Reliability soldering capabilities for soldering on various military components. Paul was also responsible for military testing of manufactured components for various missile and aircraft systems. He was granted high security clearance for this task and performed engineering task as well as maintenance task.

Paul's life-long love for electronics and vintage electrical devices has been the main motivator for his decision to found and operate this small appliance and electronics servicing company. His love for detail and commitment to quality excellence makes him your best choice for your costly and delicate electronic repair needs!

5075 Young Road
Gainesville, GA 30506

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