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One of the best inventions that was a direct result of radio technology was the ability to take a weak RF signal, whether it be amplitude modulation (AM) or frequency modulation (FM), and amplify that rascal from total inaudibility to outright dance-crazy loud, rocking, kick-butt music! The signals that radios received from the airwaves were so weak that they had to be amplified over and over again to become usable. They had to be amplified enough to have adequate wattage to drive speakers. Each of these amplifying circuit loops is called a 'stage'. Perhaps that is because it was on a stage that the original music or solo voice was recorded and transmitted in the first place. In the amplifier, the first stage has to be limited to a modest amplification to maintain the integrity of the sound or else distortion would occur. This first loop was thus named a pre-amp stage. It is this stage that provides the required pure and clean signal at a strength able drive the second stage which is called an amplifier stage. The amplifier stage produces a signal that relativly loud, yet good and clean (low in distortion), and strong enough to drive the output speaker.

Each of these stages over time were copied and linked together to increase the amplification of the input signal to ever-increasing power levels. This produced more rebust and powerful apms. It was the ability of the second stage to be replicated over and over as a third, forth and even fifth stage that created what we today effectually call - - an audio amplifier! Without these powerful amplifiers which can amplify a signal much 'louder' than the original input, there would never have been the ability to have the mega speaker towers with the driving power you see & hear at local rock concerts. These cool, get it fast, clear, and screaming loud, amps turned a ballroom singer with a bullhorn from a straining voice of silly shrillness, to a dynamic and powerful, mic-in-hand, amplified rock star!

So it is our joy to keep your mic & guitar amps performing in top condition, sounding clear and crisp at any output volume! If your amp has that loud, low-tone hum that sounds like a swarm of angry bees, contact us and let us get that noise out of your life and give you back the rocking sounds you paid for when you bought the thing in the first place! And if your amp is a vintage tube amp, then you have the best sounding amp ever made. You need to keep that baby running at top efficiency! Tube amps have a full and rich true-to-the-original sound, that you can never get from an iPod or 'other device' of our contemporary, low-sound-quality days! But to coin a phrase from the Home Depot boys, with ElectroRestore.com: "You can hear it! We can help!"

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