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Antique Tube Radios

Our Antique Tube Radio Restoration Service

Below is a list of the task we perform when restoring antique tube radios:

  • - Diagnosed device issues
  • - Test all vacuum tubes
  • - Check all transformers and coils for shorts or opens
  • - Replace all electrolytic capacitors
  • - Replace all paper and wax capacitors
  • - Replaced deteriorated wires
  • - Cleaned & relubricate tuning condenser
  • - Check all resistors to ensure they are in tolerance
  • - Check dial cord and replace if needed
  • - Replace bad dial lights
  • - Perform IF & RF alignment
  • - Tune the oscillator and antenna coils
  • - Adjust the dial indicator
  • - Repair speakers that are torn or have holes
  • - Install new cloth-covered AC cord
  • - Install acorn polarized plug
  • - Clean chassis, cabinets and knobs

We also perform additional services if you desire something else, like adding Bluetooth, Alexa, LED dial indicators, new speaker grills, knobs, etc.

If you do decide to send in your radio for restoration, you will find some helpful packaging and shipping suggestions located on our website at: Here!

If you would like to know more about our services, please Contact Us Today!

Thank you for considering ElectroRestore for your restoration project!

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