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Packing & Shipping - Antique Fans

Shipping to Us

How to ship an antique fan:

DO NOT ship them them to us unless you need them cleaned only! If so, ship them in a seperate box. This will reduce the risk of them being serverly damage during shipping significantly! If a package is dropped or otherwised damaged, it is almost always those items that get damaged due to the weight of the fan impacting against them. We do not have the ability to repair them. We do not have a machine shop here. Also, removing them and keeping them with you, will also cut your shipping cost significantly by reducing the package size and weight. Since we are an electrical / mechanical shop, we will not need the fan blade nor the fan guard for our services. Contact us if you need assistance with removing the fan blade. DO NOT force the blade! We can help advise how to get it off.

, be sure to wrap the fan really well. Place the fan in a garbage bag and tape it securely around the fan to keep it clean and isolated from other items and shipping materials. Then wrap the fan all the way around with large bubble wrap (3/4" to 1" bubbles). Place the fan in a box about 2" bigger all the way around. Make sure there is bubble wrap (or Styrofoam) underneath the fan in the box. Add extra bubble wrap (or Styrofoam) around the fan to fill the gap on all sides and over the top of the fan. Do not use newspaper or cloth!

: Place the box inside a bigger box, again 2" all the way around. Use plenty of bubble wrap under, around and on top of the first box. Be sure to include a note with your name, address, phone and email inside the box(s). Then make sure to mark the package FRAGILE on all four sides and draw up arrows with a black marker; indicating which way is up for the shippers. If you are shipping the bade and blad gaurd, put them in a seperate box and mark both boxes "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" so we know to expect two boxes.

, insure the package for more than it is worth to you! Insurance is really not expensive and is better to have than not have these days because the shipping industries are shorthanded due to Covid-19. Accidents are more likely to happen these days. Let us know the tracking number when you ship it and we will keep an eye out for it. Feel free to contact us for assistance if needed.

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We will do our best to get it working like new again to preserve your irreplaceable investment!
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