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We all know the first thing that revolutionized our homelife was Thomas Edison's invention: the light bulb! No other invention did more to improve the quality of life than that revolutionary device! The marketing of it led to the invention of new & improved ways of displaying the bulb. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall & ceiling lights quickly came on the scene! Not only were these items required for the purpose of supporting and powering the light bulb, but they also brought into existence a new era of home décor creations. From the early 1800 Tiffany style lamps and shades to the 21st century's steampunk movement. New lights and lamps have added much to the home both in the areas of lighting and décor needs of the last few generations.

Early lamps and lights were designed to last! But the cords are another story. Rubber and plastic are prone to high levels of deterioration over time making a beautiful lamp a dangerous and often deadly device! As the rubber or plastic insulation deteriorates, it leaves the conductor wires uncovered. When these wires short out against each other, serious things happen: people get a high voltage shock that can cause serious burns or even kill! Fuses blow (hopefully) which is a nuisance at best and dangerous if the wiring gets too hot. Entire houses have burnt to the ground because of a short circuit in a lamp or other electrical device. But what makes lamps so susceptible to these issues is the very quality that went into their creation. They are designed to last and lasting means constantly throwing heat down on the cord which accelerates its deterioration by forming cracks or melting of the insulation. Lamps are very beautiful home décor items and can cost a lot of money to procure. So be sure to protect that lamp or light and have those cords replaced before they get dangerous. It may just save the lives of those you love and cherish!

Our lamp rewiring service will restore you investment and give you light for many more years to come from that cherished device! We will inspect both the cord and the brass fixtures that hold that marvel of marvels you have enshrouded in that beautiful display piece: the amazing light bulb. All while making your bulb holder device safe and secure for you and your loved ones!

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