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So far we have looked at the receiving side of the music; the home audience that purchases the records, reel to reel tapes, 8-tracks and cassettes. Whatever the listener heard played on the radio or television that they enjoyed listening to, is what they would acquire. However, we now will turn our attention to the actual makers of the music: the performers! The story tellers of old radio shows, singers, bands and orchestras that are the actual originators of the sounds we love, all need amplification to do their craft at peek performance!

The miracle that radio brought to the music industry was the invention of the amplifier. It is this device that made it possible to record the voices and instruments via microphones or electronic instrument 'pick-ups' and convert those sounds into their equivalent electronic signals that could be transmitted over the airwaves or recorded on records, tapes and disc. These MICs and instrument amplifiers, or amps for short, not only magnify the volume of the sound, but also allow other effects to be injected into the resulting signal. Effects such as echo chambers, reverberation, enhanced frequency selections, like increased bass, mid-range & treble can be electronically manipulated and/or included by the amp. In fact, the amplification effect technology increased over time to make for purer and purer facsimiles of the original signals! These purer sounds came to be called 'clean' amplification. Also an increased ability to enhance or even, as later rockers would come to love, the ability to distort the sound in a controlled way were also accomplished. The distorted audio signals, musicians call 'dirty' sounds or 'dirt' for short! Electric guitar players in particular love the ability to add lots of dirt (controlled distortion) to their amps! Effects such as echo, reverb and distortion are all positive side effects or amplifier manufacturers trying to electronically reproduce the sound of playing music in a large auditorium. While that 'sound' was never really achieved with any level of accuracy, what was achieved was a fuller, more intense audio sound that could be altered (clean or dirty) to whatever effect the musician had in mind! Without amps, there would be no awesome concerts, records, or recordings that would be of any advanced quality to the hearers. And there would definitely be no electric guitars! This is primarily what make amps such an invaluable device to the professional musician!

We truly love keeping these electric amps performing at peek efficiency! It is our joy, not only to ensure that your amp is performing as it should, but to even provide enhancements to them; modifications (mods) that can make them much louder, cleaner, or to add the needed 'dirt' to make them let out that vibrating ear-stretching, soul-stirring grunge as they should! If you have an amplifier that is performing below par, or one that you want modified to perform better, contact us and let us get that sound you so desire!

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