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Along with the incredible invention of radio, amplifiers, phonographs and tape recorders, the 20th Century also saw a slew of miscellaneous devices designed to improve the quality of our lives. From the incredible and much loved coffee makers, to the fast-food revolutionizing microwave oven, to the many time-saving small kitchen appliances, electronics technology has, as GE's slogan said, "[brought] good things to life". Where would we be without these small wonders that do all the down and dirty work for us so we can have more time to spend with our family's watching the TV, listening to music, reading books or playing games? But what happens when one of these devices goes south? These much loved, time-saving products soon become thorns in our flesh as we must do the task they were designed to do while they sit idly by inoperative!

Don't let this be your dilemma! If you have a good quality item that has seemingly "bit the dust", contact us and let's see if we can revive it for you! Why would you want to replace a good, quality made, small appliance with one of the pieces of junk that comes from over seas? They are created with only one quality component in their design: they are designed to fail! Each of these newly created pieces of doggy dodo, are built with absolutely no QA (Quality Assurance) processes in place and with no specific enforcement to any specs! The only thing that is fully and painstakingly engineered into these devices is a faulty (all important) piece that seems of no consequence to the buyer until it gives out in about six month to a year! These products are NOT built with the buyer's satisfaction nor longevity in mind. But rather, they are built with 'the bottom line' (corporate greed) as their only prerequisite! Gone are the days when companies tried to engineer their products to be better than their competitors, while maintaining competitive prices. Today all things are the same! The name on the device makes no difference! As the cosmonaut in one of the last century's best movies (Armageddon) said, "American parts, Russian parts, there all the same; all made in Taiwan!" Now they are not even made there anymore but rather someplace worst.

Don't let your quality small appliances cease to exist! We can help you keep them up and running as long as possible which should be at least 50 times longer than the new ones your thinking of replacing them with! Though that new one may look all pretty and have cool lights and bells, inside it is an accident looking for a place to happen! Don't let that place be your kitchen counter, family room or other living space where it is so needed and appreciated.

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