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Antique & Vintage Fans

Our Antique Fan Restoration Service

Below is a list of the task we perform when restoring antique and vintage fans:

  • - Inspect the fan's mechanical condition
  • - Disassemble the motor & diagnose issues
  • - Clean inside of the motor's housing
  • - Clean & inspect armature & stator coil
  • - Install new head wires (base to motor wire)
  • - Clean & inspect speed control components
  • - Replace motor run capacitor (if applicable)
  • - Identify any possible areas of concern
  • - Make recommendations about additional service (as needed
  • - Disassemble oscillator gearbox
  • - Remove and replace old dried-up grease
  • - Cleaning fan motor, fan base, blade & blade guard
  • - Test fan functionality and motor current draw
  • - Replace old AC line with a new, era specific cord

We also perform additional services if you desire something else, like adding an external Variable Speed Control, new Base Felt, and/or Rubber Base Feet (if applicable).

If you do decide to send in your fan for restoration, you will find some helpful packaging and shipping suggestions located on our website at: Here!

If you would like to know more about our services, please Contact Us Today!

Thank you for considering ElectroRestore for your restoration project!

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