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Antique Fans

Ok, so why did we include antique fans? Because they are cool! :-)

Antique fans are pretty much the same as modern fans. They work the same way. An electric motor spins the propeller which produces a movement of air. This is a very simple device as far as functionality is concerned. But like all the other technologies we service, there was a progression in the development of the modern fan from the first electric fans. This was not so much in the technology per say, but rather in the materials used and the craftsmanship incorporated.

Antique fans were very heavy compared to today's plastic counterparts. The basic functionality has not changed much from their ancient predecessors. But what has changed has been detrimental to the original quality and longevity of the device. Like all modern products made who knows where, today's fans will not last for long. They are, like everything manufactured today, engineered to fail, and fail soon! They are made of inferior materials, have propellers that do not produce adequate air movement, are rickety, and prone to being noisy. And that is all because they are cheaply made.

Antique fans were made using heavy gauge copper wire for the windings of the motor. They had solid iron motor casings. The fan blades were made of metal plates that could and did move a lot of air. And they were perfectly balanced to be quite, and as efficient as possible in their air-moving process. Added to that, they oscillated! That is they almost all had a mechanism, that ran off the same drive motor efficiently. It turned the fan back and forth so the air would be moving to all areas of the room. This provided the best cooling possible. If a fan blows on you continually, your body adjust to the air flow which is counter productive at best. But if a fan oscillates, your body gets burst of air that are timed to enhance the cooling effect on your skin. Today's oscillating fans achieve somewhat of the same effect but they do not move enough air to make it worth while. Also, they will wear out much faster than their stationary counterparts - because of their parts - which are inferior to metal parts!

If you have an old antique fan, we would love to restore it for you! it will last another hundred years if you let us! If you rather not deal with it and see it as more of a boat anchor than a useful small appliance, please sell or donate it to us! We luvs um! :-0

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