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Tube Antique Radios

How We Restore Tube Radios:

Our Antique Tube Radio Restoration Service Process

Why We Restore Tube Radios:

Antique tube radios are the very history and heartbeat of today's developing electronics technology! Vintage tube radios are the root of all today's contemporary music and entertainment businesses as well. Without antique radios, there would have been no inventions past silent movies, primitive telephones and telegraphs terminals. This is why we offer our vintage tube radio restoration services! It was early tube radio (some call them valve radios) that brought sound to life! Additionally, old tube radios made communication possible in the early twentieth century. The early development of antique radio circuitry provided the springboard for all later electronic industry advancements! In the early days of tube radio manufacturers, such as Philco Emerson, Sears Silvertone and RCA radios, tube radios took the form of what became called cathedral and tombstone style radios, to more advanced communications in shortwave circuit designs. From vacuum tubes, to transistors, to semiconductor devices such as ICs, mosfets, to SMD devices, antique radio technology has paved the way to higher levels of communications, leading to the development of the modern information highway! It accomplished this by its foundational ability to provide electron transmission through the airways, without the need of any wires, provided the building blocks for two-way communication in the air, on land, in the seas, and now, even in space! Without its invention, none of today's high end technologies and industries would never have been possible!

From the transfer of vital communication of information of military radio equipment used for in the first and second world wars, to the blossoming of the music industry sounds transmitted to homes all across the lands, nothing improved sound technology like radio! Radio became the mainstay of the home entertainment industry. And radio restoration and repair, as well as radio test equipment repair became ever growing businesses. Talk radio brought comedy, drama, mystery and outright craziness to each and every home that had a radio to listen to and a station nearby! In fact, it was radio that let to the invention of television which is just video data transmitted via radio signals and then recompiled into a video image by the TV's CRT picture screen.

Radio saw the biggest influence on the music world as early musicals producers and classical musicians used it to broadcast to 'older' generations. When the youngster heard the sounds of radio, they took it to the moon and back with their screaming guitars and crazy-loud singing from groups like Buddy Holley, Elvis Presley, The Four Seasons, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Aretha Franklin and ultimately, the kings of rock n roll themselves: the Beatles! None of these musical sensations would ever have had a chance of a possibility to reach the world's ears if it was not for the invention we call radio!

Is it any wonder that antique tube radio restoration and repair is our primary love? We so enjoy taking your old warn out and non-functioning radios and giving them the new life and glorious sounds that we have all come to love and cherish once again! Whether they be antique tombstone style, tube sets, or vintage AM/FM receivers, or even portable transistor radios from your past, we long to keep them operating for generations to come! If you have a vintage radio that needs to be restored, let us rebuild it and enjoy this marvel of the 20th Century afresh and anew! Contact Us Today!

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