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Vintage Electronics & Small Appliance Repair

Cornelia, GA

Vintage Electronics & Small Appliance Repair


We specialize in restoration & repairing of antique radios (tube radios), vintage electronics, antique fans, and small household appliances.

We truely enjoy servicing these vintage & antique electrical items and electronic equipment to preserve these higher-end quality items from oblivion. Such vintage electronic devices, like antique radios & antique fans, were built in a time when companies competed hard to bring you the best in quality electronic products that were designed to last. And last they did! Many of the products that were built in the early 1900's are still around and fully functional today!

Our other area of expertise is the servicing and repair of quality made small appliances. They, along with their electronic counterparts, were manufactured with high-end workmanship and were engineered to last a life time!


Add Bluetooth to your vintage radio, hi-fi, amplifier or record player for ONLY $145 - Fully Installed!
Our Bluetooth Enabled Service Includes: a quality Bluetooth receiver, power supply, and on/off toggle switch!

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